Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Writing Prompt Wednesday 5/18/16

Here is the first of my Writing Prompt posts. This will be a regular thing on this blog from now on. I will give you five writing prompts every Wednesday, and I will ask that you post whatever writings you come up with in the comments below.

Writing prompts are a great way to engage your inner muse and to get those creative juices flowing. Using prompts like these can be the beginning of even bigger projects.

Our 5 Prompts for this week:

The Picture:

The Story Starter:

They would never be able to cover up the smell of the body from the officer…

The Journal Entry:
Answer the question: Do you believe in ghosts? Explain. 

The Fiction Entry:
Write a story about a man who believes girls are “prey”. You can also go the other way with this and do a woman who believes the same of boys. Either way, get into the head of this person and really dive into the psychology of the story.

The Mish-Mash:
Use the following five words in a story, poem, journal entry, whatever:

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